Delux Memory Flex Mattress

Delux Memory Flex Mattress


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Delux Memory Flex Mattress


The memory flex mattress features a robust and durable open coil spring system, a layer of memory foam, hand tufted finish and a strong knitted stretch fabric cover. 

As the mattress is hand tufted, all layers are attached securely to the spring interior, ensuring the upholstery is less likely to move and cause the mattress to go lumpy.

The memory foam layer is designed to soften when it comes into contact and mould itself to the sleeper’s body shape.

You will be able to sleep right up to the edge of the mattress without the sensation of rolling off thanks to a thick, rod-edge wire which adds support to the perimeter of the mattress.

Like most memory foam mattresses, the Memory Flex is one-sided and does require to be rotated from head to toe. This evens out the wear and tear on the mattress and extends its lifespan. 

Supplied by Deluxe Beds, the Memory Flex mattress is extremely supportive and comfortable making it the perfect choice for those looking for a quality mattress with a medium support.


About the manufacturer:

Deluxe Beds have spent the last twenty plus years creating, designing, and dreaming about beds and mattresses for today’s lifestyles, ensuring we all have a good night’s sleep. We are a family-run business, founded in 1995 and based in the Pennines, Yorkshire. All of our beds, mattresses, have been hand-crafted by our hard-working staff in our very own factory.




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